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We all expect that we can trust the medical professionals who treat us not to do us harm.

It can come as a total shock to find out that you are a victim of medical negligence.

If you suspect that you have been the victim of medical negligence you should attend an experienced solicitor specialising in medical negligence claims who will take detailed instructions from you in order to investigate any possible claim you might have.

At Sheridan FitzGerald, we have the experience you need having successfully taken numerous cases for misdiagnosis and medical malpractice.

In Ireland you cannot a legal action alleging medical negligence until you have obtained an expert report from a suitably qualified expert confirming  the treatment you received was negligent.

For this reason your solicitor’s first task will be to take the steps necessary to procure such a report, which will determine whether the issuing of proceedings is justifiable.

We will take a detailed account of what happened to you and will obtain your written consent to take up all of your medical records from the various hospitals, general practitioners, consultants and other healthcare professionals who have been involved in treating you during the period in question.

Once we have assembled and examined your medical records and taken detailed instructions from you in order to obtain of the relevant facts, we will then seek a suitable expert a panel of specialist medico-legal experts and commission a report on negligence.

It is difficult to source experts in Ireland given that most members of the medical community are known to one another and therefore might be biased and will not be willing to provide a report which might be used to support a claim in medical negligence.

For this reason, in the majority of cases it’s necessary to retain the expertise of medical experts based in the England or Scotland, and sometimes from Europe or America.

As both the issues of liability (whose fault it is) and causation (what caused your injuries) must be considered, and as a patient you may have been under the care of several individuals in the course of receiving medical treatment, it may be necessary to obtain several reports before a clear picture emerges.

Once negligence and causation have been confirmed, we will advise you on the strength of your case and you can instruct us to draw and file a Personal Injury Summons which will commence your case in the Court system. 

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